Our Approach

Melissa Krikorian with Dan Siegel, MD, UCLA professor, Author of New York Times Best Sellers and over 30 text books, presenter at the Dalai Lama Center, and creator of Interpersonal Neurobiology.

Our method, Cortical Field Re-Education (CFR), has healed thousands of people. Based on current pain science, it is a powerful process that builds awareness and new neuro-pathways for pain-free movement.

  • Experience relief that lasts from threatening chronic pain. (It’s worked for thousands.)
  • Accelerate your rate of healing from surgery or injury. (Impress your MD!)
  • Reverse your sense of aging. (Body use, not age, determines ease and balance.)
  • Improve alertness and brain fitness. (Have more creativity and focus.)
  • Improve your immune system, your ability to relax and sleep soundly. (Feel rested with more energy.)
  • Reverse negative digestive processes. (Nourish yourself and support your body systems.)

CFR clarifies your ability to assess and monitor your physical and emotional reactions reversing detrimental habitual responses and upgrading your entire nervous system to support your own ability to heal, move with ease and do what you want.

Our nervous systems cleverly formulated patterns to deal with gravity, our body weight and our desires as we learned to crawl, walk, do manual labor and sports.

Some of these patterns have been degraded by repetitive stress and physical/emotional traumas. Like cogs in a machine, each of our joints “feeds” movement and force onto the next. If a blockage of the flow is caused by trauma or unconscious holding patterns, the abnormal stress and strain mount and cause injury and vulnerability with everyday function.

Compensatory patterns that avoided pain and substituted less efficient, and always more injurious, programs became habituated and still fire long after the stress or original injury is eliminated. All this somatic “noise” is running in the background of our daily physical activities.

Sometimes, the dull hum of the habitual meets yet another physical or emotional trauma. With no real margin of error to absorb the assault, even a seemingly benign movement, can result in a dramatic breakdown — a herniated disc, a torn labrum, a blown out knee. Often a major assault does not respond to traditional rehabilitation. Many people finding success with CFR have been to other health practitioners to no avail. Local trauma can heal, but only if the local infrastructure is robust. If the system is clogged from years of unconscious, below-the-pain-radar habitual compensatory patterns, the infrastructure is overwhelmed with the assault and healing does not occur.  

Over time, we can reach a tipping point where the system can no longer sustain itself. We often call this aging. But it is not aging. It is a system’s issue that can be rewired with the brain work we do in CFR. Proper workload distribution can be relearned using neuroplasticity — our brain’s ability to change habits. The brain can choose new patterns of movement through exposure to novel information via the sensorimotor system.

You’ll learn how movement is linked to our ways of being, thinking and doing. Objectively exploring in a spacious, non-judgmental format will foster healing and growth on all levels of consciousness — emotional, mental and physical.