Inner Density II

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December 6-8

Where: Nexus Physical Therapy

Address: Bay Area, CA TBD
(800) 898-9588 ext 1
or (805) 368 0029

We all have an absolute core held in each cell of our being that longs to show itself and be known. From its revelation comes true healing on physical and emotional levels. Melissa Krikorian, MPT and Monica Lesslie, DPT, AWC, MFDc, RYT-500 invite you to journey from a Level 1 CFR course focused on improving function to an advanced platform of expanding your unique perceptual net for physical ease, emotional comfort and compassion extension. Our single purpose is to lead you to ever new experiences of your True Self and the health and restoration that follow.

Here are the things we are exploring.

  • If how you do one thing is how you do everything – what is the one thing you want different?
  • New symptoms and deeper layers of unresolved dis-ease addressed.
  • Expanding your perceptual net for more choice and ease.