About Us

Melissa Krikorian, MPT

Melissa Krikorian has a degree in Business administration from Baylor University and her Master’s degree in Physical Therapy.

Upon entering the medical field, she found tradition therapy outcomes lacking. Completing post-graduate work with the top names in the field, she continued to desire more efficient and global recovery rates.

After applying Cortical Field Re-Education (CFR), Melissa saw the amazing results she always knew were possible. Simultaneously, prolific neuroscience research was published connecting the dots on how CFR works to rewire the brain. Currently, Melissa has a private practice helping hundreds of people move with ease and do what they want. She also teaches Continuing Education Units for California Physical Therapists and has an ongoing, four-year Professional Training with Physical Therapists and body workers teaching them how our brains form and dissolve connections that lead to long-lasting healing on the physical and emotional levels.

Monica Lesslie, DPT, AWC, MFDc, RYT-500

Monica Lesslie PT, DPT received her Doctorate of Physical Therapy from Ithaca College in 2008, cultivating a strong focus in orthopedics and sports medicine, along with chronic pain rehabilitation. As her experience deepened, she discovered the immense value that a holistic approach, combined with conscious listening and connection, holds in the potential for healing of an individual.

As a world traveler, Monica continued to expand her teachings with a life changing 500 hour Master Yoga Training in Bali, studying Ayurvedic Wellness in the US and India, becoming a certified Entrainment Yoga Teacher, training in various bodywork techniques across the US, and is the official Ambassador of Entrainment Yoga to the United States, where she can certify others to teach this beautifully awakening practice. Monica endlessly pursues new ways in which to grow and enhance her experience and contribution on this earth.

Harriet Goslins, GCFP

I have been fortunate in my teachers. It has been a great gift to have been able to study with the original flame, with the source of each of these inspired bodies of work.

Thirty ago, my years of training with Dr. Moshe Feldenkrais were the most pivotal of my life. He taught me how to “create a space in which people choose to learn.” He taught me that our problems are not resolved by “fixing an afflicted area” but by looking at “the failure of the intention to execute the action.” He taught me that it was about dealing with the whole system – about balancing an imbalanced workload so that the body could heal.

Dr. John Upledger, the pioneer who brought CranioSacral Therapy® into mainstream consciousness, taught me about answers that lie outside the realm of our genius sensory-motor cortex and the voluntary muscles. The cranial rhythm pumps the cerebrospinal fluid that bathes and nourishes our brain and spinal cord, the bones of our skull, spine, and pelvis move in a constant and delicate dance.

Perhaps the greatest gift in my own personal growth, and in my work, has been Integrated Awareness® and its creator, Lansing Barrett Gresham. I.A.® constantly challenges me to ever greater expansion of my heart, of my perceptual net, of my paradigms.

Clarifying our life path and our purpose, embracing forgiveness (self or other), taking responsibility for our choices, accepting the unfairnesses of earth, learning to occupy our bodies, reconnecting to Source are all as essential to true healing.