Your body is designed to heal. Specific biological programs in your DNA help you recover from injury - even persistent, prolonged pain.

I’ve spent years exploring how our brains and bodies process trauma. There are typical standard medical procedures that prolong suffering. But new, innovative approaches can cleverly reboot your brain for global system upgrades.

Humans are resilient beings. We are wired for health and recovery.

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You Are the Cure.

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Success Stories

"I have worked with Melissa on and off for more than 15 years depending on me and my pain level. I've done individual sessions, group floor work and weekend work shops. Each time I get a profound awareness of my unconscious habitual body movement and holding. Then the floor work provides an understanding of how to release that holding. This then results in pain free joyful movement. Working with Melissa is a true delight. Her passion for her work is an inspiration."

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Our Approach

Our method, Cortical Field Re-Education (CFR), has healed thousands of people. Based on current pain science, it is a powerful process that builds awareness and new neuro-pathways for pain-free movement. CFR clarifies your ability to assess and monitor your physical and emotional reactions reversing detrimental habitual responses and upgrading your entire nervous system to support your own ability to heal, move with ease and do what you want. Our nervous systems cleverly formulated patterns to deal with gravity, our body weight and our desires as we learned to crawl, walk, do manual labor and sports.

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We all have an absolute core held in each cell of our being that longs to show itself and be known. From its revelation comes true healing on physical and emotional levels. Judy Greenman (Feldenkrais & CFR Practitioner) and Melissa Krikorian (Physical Therapist and CFR Practitioner) invite you to journey from a Level 1 CFR course focused on improving function to an advanced platform of expanding your unique perceptual net for physical ease, emotional comfort and compassion extension. Our single purpose is to lead you to ever new experiences of your True Self and the health and restoration that follow.

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